Before, during, and hopefully after account of a Great Divide Route journey in the summer of 2010.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 15: Condon to Seeley Lake

Ride time: 2:17
Average: 11.5 mph
Distance: 26.57 mi

Finally, a reasonably priced breakfast!  We ate across the Hwy at Swan Valley Cafe and overheard some other local talking about waking up and finding a black bear in her backyard.  After our meal, we had some baking soda beverages to help dissipate the lactic acid in our sore leg muscles.  It tasted awful, but I have to say that I felt no burning in my quads on our ride today.  "Put me in Coach!  I've got fresh legs!"

Instead of following the route, we decided to book it down Hwy 83 to Seeley Lake--BAD IDEA.  There's little to no shoulder, and it's a very busy road.  We made KungPao noodles for lunch at Summit Lake, which was a scenic pull off for folks traveling on Hwy 83.  We were asked a million times by tourists where we were riding to.  I'm going to start making up stories about where we're going and where we've been.  Kind of like Mary does to strangers she rides the ski lifts with...

We rolled into Seeley Lake around 3 PM and set up camp at Big Larch campground.  It's very reasonably priced and has great big campsites (site #43 was a good pick for us).  We have a bounce box waiting here, but by the time we got to to post office, it was closed--they close at 4 PM. Hmmf.  We had to stop at a bank and get cash.  We're finding that not many campgrounds take credit card.

Peter and Lauren from California showed up and asked to share a campsite with us.  They're biking across the country to Maine.  We had a feast--grilled pork chops, portabello mushrooms, onions, red peppers, and a wild rice mix.  Plus, we had marshmallows, chocolate, and bananas for dessert!


  1. Sorry MT contacts didn't come through until the last second...I got your message, and 1/2 hr later 1 contact said you could chill at his place. My bad. Give the little people a list of where you will we can mail you packages. I have cookies and condoms to mail you guys.

  2. Robyn!! we've been talking about you....are your ears ringing??? we had a great time in san antonio at the international. your name came up and we all sent you and nate good vibes and gobs of prayers. thanks for blogging through your exhaustion. it's great to hear it all about your trip.....take good care....hugs! angie

  3. Robyn,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post updates on your blog! You make me laugh so much! We thought of you on Thursday...had a get-together at Julie's place! We're all so proud of you and Nate and are in utter amazement of this great adventure! Keep the sweet updates coming! Miss you, Amanda

  4. Robyn,

    You're blog is wonderful and I just wanted to let you know how amazing you and Nate are for attacking this trail! Everyone from school is so impressed and can't stop talking about how cool it is. My attempt to bike to Rhinelander failed-we only made it to Plainfield, WI (story to come later) so I think you are a champ (not that I didn't before)and that what you are doing is pretty much amazing! Safe travels and I miss you!


  5. From:Mom Hi R & N, Your trip has been amazing! I'm truly impressed with the stamina you both have! Wow
    Let me know where you might be the week of7/19.
    Maybe I can forward a 'care'pkg.for N&you.
    xxoo - Mom

  6. The blog is great! It looks like you guys are having lots of fun out there. Ride fast and take chances! Love,M