Before, during, and hopefully after account of a Great Divide Route journey in the summer of 2010.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T Minus Whenever It Feels Right

We leave for the Divide this Saturday this is what I think I will have in the frame bag on the large Fargo and gas tank. 
On the right is the gear for the gas tank. Alien2, Griptillian, tripod, camera in an Aloksak, a trapezoid of bubble packaging for extra padding.
The top pocket of the frame bag is much bigger than it seems. It has the tent poles for an Emerald Forest SL3, road morph pump, headlamp, Ay-Up light charger, camera charger, camera cable, small sketch book, and The Count of Monte Cristo.
The lower pocket has the cook system, an insulator that I just made, a PCT bear hanging setup, padlock and cable, and two more fuel bottles.


  1. Came across this blog via a link on mtbr, looks like quite the adventure! Good luck, I think it's neat you two are going to do it as a team. I think these kind of tough trips can really make for some awesome memories

  2. That's the idea Joe, making memories takes work and the GDR will be a lot of both. Thanks for checking out the blog.

  3. Happy b-day samwise.Preemptively strike bear first before he knows what hit-em.

  4. Happy Birthday Robyn!! Unfortunately, I have no good news to forward on-we haven't amputated. I hope you are loving your trip! :)

  5. Robyn!!!!!! How fantastic is the bike ride?! What sites have you seen? Any crazy bikers near you? Happy Birthday young lady! I hope to pass on good news soon, so keep your fingers crossed!